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Let's face it-- teaching isn't easy. Teachers today are pressured to do more and more with less and less available time. Enflourish Publishing was created by a teacher in hope to help other English teachers ease some of their everyday pressures.

Enflourish has created and continues to create affordable, quality classroom-materials that will help teachers and students "enflourish" in their English classrooms. It is our hope that our reasonably priced materials will help ease the workload of educators, while also providing quality learning materials for students. Our materials are listed alphabetically by novel (click here or any of the links at the right), and our materials are also listed by type of activity in the pictured links below.

Note: In order to keep prices down, our materials have been uploaded to the following secure website: Our products listed here are linked to the teacherspayteachers site where you can preview and/or purchase them. You must create a free teacherspayteachers account to purchase all Enflourish items. You cannot purchase items directly off of Be sure to explore teacherspayteachers to find useful materials from other fellow educators. 

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Note: To purchase our products, you must have a teacherspayteachers account.  These accounts are free to create and use at
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